Good brands
need a bigger
platform to shine.

We are a passionate team of storytellers, creatives, strategists and builders with a deep desire to help impact-driven businesses tell their stories and enhance their digital capacities to amplify their message.

We understand the challenges of gaining visibility in an environment that prioritizes profits over people and the planet.

So we’re here to shine the spotlight on you.

We believe that your work can create a ripple effect that will not only change the world but also open a path for many others to follow.

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How It Started

“There’s a better way.”

This was the spark that led Jamie Ayque and Juno Quimbo to start Pumpkin Juice Creatives in 2020.

Both have witnessed firsthand the extent to which businesses could do more than just maximize profits.

Jamie worked as a digital marketer for tech and marketing companies while helping run a social enterprise. Juno was a brand strategist and was deeply engaged in community work.

They've seen how the narrative is changing and how more brands are now embracing a new way of doing things - a way that's not only better for business but also better for the world.

A way that prioritizes social impact alongside profits.

A way that's mindful of its impact on people and the planet.

Iyayoo seamstressMan working at Bulod

Together, they saw an opportunity to help more organizations transition to this new and better way of doing business.

Pumpkin Juice Creatives is not only committed to social impact but also to sharing their expertise and skills to help purpose-driven businesses grow and flourish so they can do more good.

We believe that the best way to create change is to team up with creatives, partners and clients who share our passion for making the world a better place.

Our Values

We approach our work with a deep sense of empathy and a desire to be of service.

We don’t only tackle your challenges; we strive to go above and beyond to deliver work that is both effective and impactful.

We believe that our talents and capabilities are not just for personal gain. They are also powerful tools for making a difference in people’s lives.

This value is reflected in the way we work; we make sure to create work that truly matters.

Even the best strategies fail without the right people aligning towards a common vision.

We ensure that all voices are heard and all experiences are equally valued.

The more open we are to each other, the more we inspire confidence and build trust.

We believe that taking full ownership of the work leads to outstanding results.

We don’t just punch the clock; we immerse ourselves in every project we take on.

Success is a shared responsibility, and so we are all in it together.

Meet our Team

Headshot of Jamie AyqueHeadshot of Jamie Ayque
Jamie Ayque
Creative Director
Headshot of Juno QuimboHeadshot of Juno Quimbo
Juno Quimbo
Growth and Strategy Director
Headshot of Ralph SantosHeadshot of RJ Santos
Ralph Santos
Art Director
Headshot of Viva ChanHeadshot of Viva Chan
Viva Chan
Director of Social Media
Headshot of Rheanne JimenoHeadshot of Rheanne Jimeno
Rheanne Jimeno
Web Design Lead
Headshot of Jannyne Dela CruzHeadshot of Jannyne dela Cruz
Jannyne Dela Cruz
Film Production Lead
Headshot of Khit JuanHeadshot of Khit Juan
Khit Juan
Chief Web Architect
Headshot of Ralph Santos
Headshot of Jamie Ayque
Headshot of Viva Chan
Headshot of Jannyne Dela Cruz
Headshot of Juno Quimbo

is our core

Headshot of Rheanne Jimeno

Storytelling is not just a tool for communications; it’s a powerful force for change.

We believe that stories have the power to shape minds, influence actions and transform the world.

Whether it’s through a thoughtfully designed website, a captivating video or an emotive social media post, we craft compelling and impactful narratives that resonate with your audience, bringing them together through a shared sense of purpose.

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story to tell?

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