How We Built a High-Converting Website for an Impact Investment Fund Manager

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Beneficial Returns is an impact investment fund manager that supports the growth of outstanding social enterprises alleviating poverty and protecting the natural environment in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The Challenge

Despite the great work they do, they felt that their existing website failed to effectively articulate their mission and attract their intended audience.

Recognizing the need for a platform that truly resonates with their ethos and amplifies their message, they approached Pumpkin Juice Creatives to craft, design, and launch a revitalized website that encapsulates the essence of their impactful investing and engages their community of investors and social enterprises.

Our Approach

Central to our approach was the reworking of Beneficial Returns’ overall impact messaging, which involved getting clear about their role in the social impact sector and the big-picture problem they are trying to solve.

We envisioned the new website to not only narrate Beneficial Returns' story of impact but also effectively engage and convert their primary audiences: the investors and the social enterprises in need of capital.

To achieve this, we crafted two distinct landing pages tailored to each group, complete with compelling calls-to-action, a clear outline of processes, and copy that underscores the benefits they stand to gain.

Old Website Audit

We did a thorough checkup of Beneficial Returns current website to assess its performance and capabilities and create a backup of all important files and data. We also audited their assets (photos, videos, digital content) to see which of those could be included in the new website. 

The old website was built on Wix and the team had to work through the inherent limitations of the platform. Since Beneficial Returns plans to add more content to their website and integrate an email marketing platform, we built the new website on WordPress to ensure scalability and enhanced functionality.

Ideation and co-creation with the team

We worked closely with the Beneficial Returns team to ensure that our creative concepts were aligned with their vision and goals. We conducted a series of weekly check-ins to go through action items and discuss strategies. This involved interviews with the Beneficial Returns management team, brainstorming sessions, and website content sprints.

Crafting the central messaging

We did a deep dive into Beneficial Returns’ body of impact work and crafted their key stories: their why, which is the purpose of the organization and its reason for being; their values, which serve as their compass; and their how, which is a detailed overview of how the organization operates.

Identifying these key stories helped us create a strong and unified content flow across the website with the goal of easing investors and social entrepreneurs towards the organization’s funnel.

Website redesign, development and copywriting

  • Impact-focused

    The social enterprise stories were the focal point of the website. We amplified the tangible impacts of Beneficial Returns by showcasing the different social enterprises they work with.
  • Optimized conversion areas

    We created clear and understandable calls to action for their primary audiences: investors and social enterprises applying for funding, guiding them towards the path we want them to take. 
  • Keyword enriched

    In preparation for the website's launch, we conducted an extensive on-page search engine optimization campaign. This ensured that the site was visible and searchable across different search engines. 

The Outcome

Our work with the Beneficial Returns website resulted in a story-led, impact-focused website that resonates better with investors and social enterprises. In the month following its launch, the site garnered over 2,000 visits, leading to new prospects and opportunities for the organization.

The new messaging more clearly defines the role of Beneficial Returns in global poverty alleviation and the magnitude of their impact through the stories of the social enterprises they support.


Looking back at this whole experience of working with Pumpkin Juice Creatives,
my colleagues and I are very grateful because today, we have a product that we’re really proud of.

- Alex Tee
Managing Director, Beneficial Returns

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