Conceptualizing and Designing the First-Ever Climate Adaptation and Resilience Forum in Asia

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The Adapt Asia Climate Adaptation Forum was conceptualized in 2022 by Singapore and Philippines-based climate and data analytics startup Komunidad Global in response to the growing need for climate action in Asia.

The Challenge

Having worked with the Komunidad Global team in developing communication materials for their climate data offerings, Pumpkin Juice Creatives was tasked with crafting the messaging and creatives for Asia’s first-ever climate adaptation forum in Asia.

Titled Adapt Asia 2022: Inspiring Innovative Actions on Climate Adaptation and Resilience, the forum is an extension of Komunidad Global’s advocacy of supporting governments and communities in strengthening their capacities to adapt to climate change.

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Campaign Story

The growing knowledge and experience in climate adaptation in Asia is not widely talked about.

Adapt Asia serves as a platform where leaders, policymakers, and experts connect, share their experiences and learnings, and collaborate on addressing the challenges of climate change.

Adapt Asia Publicity Material

Crafting a unified messaging

Central to the campaign was creating the general messaging: sharing, inspiring, and discovering innovative solutions that will strengthen communities’ climate adaptation capacities.

We did a deep dive into global climate change policies, relevant discussions, news, and scholastic documents, as well as conducted extensive interviews with the Adapt Asia team, to find out the different ways Asian communities are adapting to climate change.

This helped us effectively establish Adapt Asia as a growing movement to build more climate-resilient nations.

Creative Execution

Visual identity and logo design

We wanted to develop a unique visual identity for Adapt Asia while acknowledging the larger organization behind it.

The logo shows an arrow signifying Komunidad’s ethos of advancing nations towards a climate-resilient future.

Website design, development, and copywriting

We designed and developed a fully-functional event website that allows attendees to register and purchase tickets.

We also featured event schedules, relevant information about climate adaptation, and speaker profiles.

Digital Content Creation

Teaser video
Sponsorship letters
Sponsorship packages & guides
Social media posts
Speaker profiles
Sponsor promotions

Welcome board
Entrance arch
Registration counter
Booth backdrop
ID and nametags
Certificates of Attendance
Title cards and name cards

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The Outcome


Public Sector Representatives -Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Leaders from Local Government Units (LGUs)


Attendees from the Private Sector - Business Continuity Leaders, Data Science Experts, Head of Operations, Safety and Sustainability Managers


As the first-ever climate adaptation forum in Asia, Adapt Asia 2022 will now serve as an inspiration and benchmark for future Adapt Asia events.

It helped both the private and public sectors learn more about what communities can do to adapt to climate change and how they can do it.

Moreover, the event provided a platform for climate solutions to be discovered and adapted by different businesses and communities in Asia.

With the success of the first forum, Komunidad and its partners are planning to make Adapt Asia an annual event. This will help strengthen strategies for dealing with climate change in Asia and encourage collaboration between the private and public sectors at the forefront of climate change.


Pumpkin Juice fully understood our requirements and were able to articulate our creative vision for Adapt Asia.

With little supervision, they took charge in the execution of our event narrative and visuals - from the event concept brief, branding and design to pre-event marketing campaigns, which enabled the Impact Team to focus on their event management role.

- Kaye Sangalang
Impact Director, Komunidad Global

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