How We Helped Launch a Non-Profit Organization that Fights Poverty in the Philippines

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Bayanihan Project Mockup

The Challenge

Pure Incubation Ventures has built award-winning companies and created thousands of global jobs over the last 25 years.

In 2022, PIV founder Barry Harrigan decided to use their expertise, resources, and vast network to help build sustainable communities in the Philippines, where some of its offshore offices are located.

PIV came to us to create the branding, video storytelling, website, and website copy for the Bayanihan Project, the flagship initiative of the Pure Incubation Foundation–PIV’s philanthropic arm.

Bayanihan Project Brand Guidelines Mockup

Our Approach

Our main objective was to highlight a nation’s unique cultural virtue, the bayanihan spirit, to inspire more people to take part in the Bayanihan Project’s mission.

Visual identity and logo design

We took inspiration from an old Filipino house-moving tradition called bayanihan, where a group of men lift a house on their shoulders to relocate to somewhere safer after a storm.

Bayanihan Project Logo Variations
Bayanihan Project Brand Guidelines

Brand voice and impact messaging

We crafted a brand message that is true and reflective of Filipinos’ unique sense of community and spirit.

Website design, development, and copywriting

Based on the branding, we designed and developed a website that captures the heart of the Bayanihan Project and shows the work they do on the ground.

Additionally, we created compelling copy that inspired visitors to take action while contextualizing the distinct sense of community that every Filipino has.

Bayanihan Project Website Mockups
Bayanihan Project Social Media Mockup

Video storytelling

Videos allow for powerful visual storytelling and emotional engagement, and can be shared easily across online platforms.

We created storyboards and scripts that weave together powerful visuals, emotive narration, and real-life impact to introduce the purpose and mission of the Bayanihan Project.

Bayanihan Project Facebook Banner

The Outcome

Almost a year in, the Bayanihan Project has helped 28 communities and over 1,028 families in the Philippines.

With the help of donors, volunteers, and their leadership team, the organization continues to work towards their goal of eradicating the cycle of poverty in the country.

With huge aspirations to benefit more communities, we continue to work with the Bayanihan Project to tell their stories of impact and serving as project advocates.


Pumpkin Juice Creatives not only helped us create our branding and website. They also captured the heart of what we wanted our organization to represent. They gave us words, they did the backend, the frontend…they did it from soups to nets. We love them.”

- Cara Smith
Executive Director,
Pure Incubation Foundation

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