How We Transformed A Climate-Tech Startup into a Digital Powerhouse

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Komunidad is a Singapore- and Philippines-based SaaS startup that helps businesses and governments mitigate and adapt to climate-related challenges through data and analytics.

They faced a unique challenge: their message was getting lost amidst the complex technical jargon. This case study shows how we reimagined Komunidad's digital identity, elevating their digital presence to effectively connect with their target clients, prospective partners and investors.

The Challenge

In the last three years, Komunidad has been at the forefront of many impactful projects in the Philippines and Asia. But their old product-based branding, website and communications were alienating their target audience. The complexities of data, analytics and artificial intelligence, including the nuances of climate change, created a barrier.

Komunidad came to us to help them shift their product-focused brand to one that emphasized their impact in the communities they served.

Our Approach

Our main objective was to rebrand Komunidad from a SaaS provider to an impactful, climate-tech leader tackling the challenges of climate change. 

Crafting the core messaging

We did a deep dive into Komunidad’s body of work, including customer stories, talks and seminars, media stories, and awards received, to determine their central messaging. Based on this, we developed an offer statement that encapsulated their mission, values, and services in a language that was accessible yet powerful.

Branding and visual identity

Once we got clear on Komunidad’s impact statement, we began the process of redesigning their logo and other visual elements. Our goal was to represent Komunidad’s two overarching pillars: climate resilience and sustainability. At the same time, the logo should look modern while staying true to Komunidad’s SaaS roots.

Website design, development and copywriting

  • Flexible and robust

    We developed the new website on WordPress to ensure that they have a system that can accommodate their growing content base.
  • Impact-focused

    We gathered Komunidad’s case studies and put them front-and-center on the new website to better showcase the impact they have on the ground. Our goal is to help Komunidad’s audience understand not just the technical capabilities of their systems but also how they apply in the real world.
  • Visually appealing

    We developed visually appealing representations and models of Komundad’s climate resilience and sustainability systems to clearly illustrate their capabilities while engaging their audience on their screens.
  • Technical copywriting

    We introduced the Climate Action Center a flagship product encompassing all of Komunidad's offerings. Each product was detailed in clear, actionable language, demonstrating its real-world application.

  • Optimized conversion areas

    We designed clear and understandable calls-to-action for every product, with clearly illustrated pricing tables and a robust quote/demo request form. 

Content Storytelling

To keep the impact conversations going, we developed a content strategy for Komunidad on an ongoing basis.

The Outcome

Our work with Komunidad resulted in a strong digital presence and an engaged community of customers, partners and employees. The new messaging, branding and website now more clearly communicate what Komunidad does and the impact of their solutions on the communities of the clients they serve.

A month after launch, the website received a 160% increase in visitors, as well as a 1,200% increase in social media reach following our launch campaign.

These led to multiple opportunities for the company, including speakership engagements, partnerships and successful projects in both the public and private sectors.

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